Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stress and Eating

When I get mad - I eat. When I get sad or lonely or bored - I want to eat something. Yesterday when I was really stressed out - I thought about eating and just couldn't and didn't; until I had to or else....

KITCHEN CHAOS:   The bill arrived for the electrical work and was nearly double what I was expecting. The contractor's extra work - repairing a structurally deficient 19th century roof was an extra $5000. I stupidly ate my contingency in extra cabinets... We will run out of money. Money stresses me.

DEAR DAUGHTER:  On top Kitchen woes, my daughter really did something awful which I won't elaborate on here. Instead of feeling sorry and guilty she was mean and irritable and "doesn't f-ing care." She didn't want to go to her counseling appointment because she doesn't like to talk about things that are uncomfortable. It took every last bit of mental strength to coax her into the car and by the time we got to our destination, I was about ready to pass out. We ran into CVS and I bought a NAKED smoothie and a can of nuts- organic, not in the spirit of WHOLE30, but still on program and desperately needed.

At 9:00 p.m. when I got home I had no desire to eat anything and went to bed. Surprisingly I was not hungry this morning, but took the nuts with me and graze through my morning. I am SPENT.

Tomorrow I have a class in Boston that I've been waiting months for... and it will be snow and ice for the commute. EXCELLENT!

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