Friday, March 14, 2014

Whole 30 +2

Yesterday was day one - post Whole30. I had an all-day class and with the crazy land that is my house in the morning, I had no time for breakfast. I at an egg mcmuffin - minus the muffin and then nothing until... I started feeling a little faint and put some cream in my coffee around noon. My sister (also attending the class) remembered a Larabar and some almonds in her bag and shared. It took the edge off until we were able to break for lunch at 130. I had a delicious kale salad with grilled salmon... and then took my kids to dinner when I got home at 530. It was a long day and I was hungry. I don't know what I was thinking other than. WHOLE30 is done, I can relax a bit?  I had fried haddock with not too much breading, tartar sauce (I am sure it wasn't organic or healthy) and onion rings with ketchup and hot sauce. For the record, I had a stomach ache for the rest of the night. Dinner was a BAD CHOICE.

Today I've had 4 eggs with a little organic milk and a pad of organic butter. I also had a 100 cal pack of cashews and COFFEE - still sticking to black. I haven't been very hungry today. I'll have some fruit and veggies later.

I've had a STRESSFUL week and I am glad it's finally over. My daughter is going away for the weekend and I am happy to have a rest from her. I do love her but she can suck the life right out of you... Time apart is good for all of us. DH has worked a lot this week too. I know he's worried about money stuff with the kitchen going over budget and when he does he worries about getting laid off. I hope he will relax a bit now that a refi is happening - I am so glad the bank is working with us! The flooring was delivered today and the plaster is curing. It was so wet yesterday the house felt like a tropical summer day... Monday the guys will be back. Floors, cabinets, trim, paint and counters. It should go pretty fast now. I have my girls weekend March 27 and pray that we're just waiting for counters and praying that the money situation is figured out.

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