Wednesday, July 09, 2014

It Feels Better After a SPIN!

My house is picked up - the cleaners come tomorrow. I've made a healthy dinner for my oldest and my husband. I feel empowered. I had a great spin class. It really is amazing how wonderful I feel when I exercise. My mood is UP.

I have a few stresses in my life, but I think I can manage them. Money is the main culprit - never enough. I am trying to get a raise, but it will take a while. I am hoping my husband will get a bonus and/or a raise soon... (Lord knows work is #1 for him!) I am trying to reign in the spending, but every time I turn around I find more bills to pay. It's a little depressing.

I am also working to fund raise $1000 for the PMC Challenge next month as well as be in shape for it! I have a lot on my plate. Luckily we had a great training ride this past Saturday - nearly 40 miles of HILLS - way more than we will see on the big day. My foot fell asleep and my legs were wrecked, but that's about it. Spin class was fine today. I know I'll be ready...

FOOD is always on my mind. Everyday I wake up - will it be a JULIE day or a WHOLE 30 day?... I choose one, then I realize I had nuts ... or milk ... or both.... It can not be WHOLE 30 AND JULIE! UGH. Problem areas are: soft serve yogurt and vanilla ice cream, too many lattes, too many nuts... and the grazing.... I have to stop the snacks!!! Last summer I looked awesome, but it was all JULIE all the time - no nuts, no fruit... This is my dilemma.

I honestly don't want to give up fruit right now - I almost committed my money to a refresher with Julie, but had second thoughts b/c I know fruit would have to go and I would really miss it (again)... But I like being thin and I'll have to make a resolution soon and be done... I feel like I am getting bigger by the day!  It needs to stop.  I need to get unstuck.

For now I will basque in endorphins from my class, finish the laundry and go pick up my kid at camp. My youngest is at horse camp so I'll just have to concern myself with entertaining the teen tonight.  I wish she had a friend. I hope I don't end up in front of the TV again.

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