Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Day Off or an Off Day

I don't know which it will be "off day" or "day off". I have so much on my plate that I am paralyzed not knowing where to start. Laundry, bills, the great fall wardrobe switch, the piles of paper all over the counters... I guess I'll procrastinate here for a bit.

Yesterday was the unceremonious DAY 1 of WHOLE 30 and DAY 2 of FITBIT CHALLENGE. I missed 10k by 133 steps, but I've decided to look at the week as a whole and pull an average of 10K a day as a measure of success. I am done with the 10 pm pacing of  the house to hit the number. Let's be reasonable.

Would you worry if your daughter's screen saver was "KEEP CALM AND SMOKE WEED"? Good God... I never smoked and I didn't drink until late sophomore year... Stupid consequences now and I am so concerned. Where is it coming from? Who is she doing it with? How will this affect her illness? What is going to happen next?

I can't keep her chained in her room or monitor her every step. It's scary to be a mom.

I am really disappointed that this is her chosen path and that the people she's choosing to hang with (and I can't call them friends) are also making bad choices. It sucks.

So much to do.... I need to FOCUS!

  • Switch to fall clothes and put summer in the attic
  • Pay the bills
  • Grocery shop (& this is a must if we want to eat tonight).
  • Wait for the other shoe to drop... 

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