Sunday, September 21, 2014

Starting Over for a CLEAN 30

They are not mincing words - 30 days is 30 days, pull up your huggies and DO IT!  No you can't have dairy - JUST NO! You can't "cheat". It's 30 days or it's not...

First it was a splash of milk and then it was a glass... A sprinkle of cheese and then a container of yogurt.... This is not cheating - this is just not doing... And so I will begin again. I needed the right mindset. I think it's set...

I'm clearing the last of the "junk" from the fridge - loading up on Almond milk and other non dairy necessities (I have plans for a coconut pumpkin custard ) and we'll start anew.

I hate feeling stress and stress makes me eat and eating makes me fat and I hate fat; It stresses me out.

It's an endless cycle. On a positive note 4 straight days of 10K + steps and 6 straight days averaging more than 10K... I think I need to hit the number... I think I need to see how long I can keep this going it.

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