Saturday, October 04, 2014


I guess I should update my page, since the 13 year old is now turning 15.  Time flies... She is nervous and anxious about her friend coming for the big birthday weekend and she's being a jerk. I am anxious as always when she treats me the way she does.I am worried about what's going to happen in the next 48 hours. I know this friend is important to my daughter. I know she's not dependable. I know she can be really mean sometimes. I worry. The weather is going to be damp and rainy and they are planning a trip to 6 Flags no matter what, I have no idea what will happen. Time will tell. Regardless, I hope it is a happy birthday for her.

I am feeling really FAT. There, said it. I feel like my eating is not on track - that I've lost that resolve I had a year ago. Is it something the hypnotist can help with? I have no clue. I know I don't have the money to go back so I can't find out .What I need to do is pull up my huggies and commit to 30 days of WHOLE30. I have the cook books, a few meals in the fridge and it is fall veggie time - my favorite. Butternut squash, brussel sprouts, roasted are the best! What's stopping me?!  Why is it that I can't stop eating all the sudden?

I can't continue to blame it all on stress and kids and husband and money. I have to take responsibility for my actions (or inaction as the case may be)  Life is hard, it's not fair, and it just keeps happening. I've got to just try to do something to maintain this weight loss and / or get back to where I was. I hate this MUFFIN TOP!

There, said it.

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