Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rainy Wednesday

Tonight I am hosting dinner to celebrate my mom's birthday. I'm making lettuce wraps - a definite favorite of my kids and hopefully everyone else will like it as well. I just need to get a "soy" substitute since my sister has developed a pretty severe allergy. Whole30 suggests coconut aminos which I'll look for at the health food store later this morning. 

I had a great sleep last night - the first in a while. I'm going spinning in an hour - which I have to keep telling myself so that I won't blow it off; since it's raining and gross and too easy to choose laundry and "the View"; letting the day get ahead of me. 

My intentions for the day:

  • Domestic chores - picking up, laundry, finishing the great fall wardrobe changeover... vacuum, 
  • Work out - Spinning, 10K steps, yoga
  • Self care - a long hot shower, a new book, early to bed.

I have to make an appointment to get my blood drawn so my doctor can check my thyroid levels. I don't honestly feel too different. Meh.

Forgot to publish - so I can report that I went spinning and ran a mile in 10:42 (which is good for me).

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