Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Where have all the bloggers gone?

All my favorites are quiet... Some have given up and officially signed off and others have just stopped for weeks and now months. It makes me a little sad because I feel invested in their lives. I hope they are doing well. I mostly want to know that they're not giving up...There is comfort in shared experience.

I have stopped writing for periods, but not very long. I've never been a blogger for the followers, to sell ads or offer advice to anyone but me. It's more therapy to put all that talking in my head in a place I can see, and then re-read and reflect. I think the times I've stopped writing are during depressive episodes; when I've wanted to not think about the pounds or how crappy things might have been going. I'm usually overwhelmed with my daughter and her illness. Luckily I've always come back to this place to pick up where life left off. I feel compelled to write and as far as my health is concerned, I won't give up.  It's a one shot deal and I want to be my very best me.  I hope my favorite bloggers want that as well.

Today is a half day of school and it happens to fall on MY day.... hmmph! The cleaners have come and gone and I'm waiting for daughter #2 so we can go to food shopping. I really wanted to get to the gym to spin, but opted for a 5 miler with the dog around the lake instead. It really is a beautiful day and much better to be out in it than in a darkened spinning class. My FITBIT goal has been met, but I'd really love to reach 20 or even 25K (a new goal) just because.... I also have a few more things I need to do including:

  • Getting blood drawn for a thyroid check
  • Food shopping for the week
  • Kid driving
  • Strength training - squats, planks, that kind of thing... 

This weekend's long run won't happen because of a horse show, but I'm hoping maybe Sunday? My oldest has a church retreat so my stress is delayed until late that afternoon. It's been a little tense this week to say the least... Such is the life of a household with a mood disorder... Breathe.

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