Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I'm having some health issues that are causing me pain, though there is nothing else I can do other than what I'm already trying... Average healing time 5-7 days. It kills my mojo, my mood and my plans for the day. It makes me mad. I don't have time for this! I want to force my self to go to the gym and run - at least getting in my miles so I can hit my Fit Bit goal for the day.

DH is off to his parents this weekend for a holiday visit. We decided not to make the trek as a family this year because last year was such a downer. The kids are old enough now to know when they aren't appreciated. Last year the aunt was too busy and the cousins too involved in their own lives to care that we made the 600 mile round trip to see them. We brought gifts and food and thought and received not even the gift of their presence. I don't like seeing my kids hurt. Not doing it.

Unfortunately we have a busy weekend ahead and I am only one person. I hope that the girls will be mindful of that and cut me some slack.

For today I will be kind to my self.
1. shop for a few necessities
2. self care
3. run because it's good for you.
4. hug everyone in the house.

The fire is going because it's freezing outside. I am not ready winter. Being cold is the worst!!

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