Thursday, November 20, 2014

And on, and on...

The uncomfortable, painful saga continues... No worse, not better.

I am trying to keep my activity up and eat well. I did nearly 15K steps yesterday - most of it on the treadmill at the gym because it's too cold.  Today will probably be more of same because it's still cold and I need to be close to "facilities".

I'm stressing over Sunday - I have a commitment with my youngest and her friend which leaves the teen to her own devices. She's not had a good week and I am concerned about her tolerance for sound decisions... I'm hoping the closeness of the holidays will keep her mood from slipping. The next few months of winter will be full of land mines. She's got to come up with some "plans" for empty days. She doesn't want to commit to working a regular schedule, but I can't continue to fill her hours with errands and money we don't have. Last night was $30 at Michael's on crap.

I know I am anxious. I know I need to not feed off of her. I know we need to develop healthy alternatives to boredom. The girl needs a hobby. I wish she'd think about making the gym a regular habit.

And so it goes...

Today's intentions:

  • Self care.
  • 10K steps - exercise - 
  • Add significant fiber to my diet
  • Eat clean.

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