Monday, February 02, 2015

Another Fricken Snow Day!

The good - I was SO exhausted from yesterday's 14 hour horse show that it was kind of good to ease into the new week with a snow day... kids slept late, DH slept late, and I had some peace; drank a pot of coffee, ate breakfast, finished the laundry and basically chilled before I had be MOM.

The bad - I am MOM again, cooking, cleaning, nagging, breaking up fights, and genuinely being "Julie McCoy" Cruise Director for the day...You would think by 12 and 15 the kids would be able to find something to occupy their time. Not so.

Lots of eating - DH is all about the food...  Aside from the last cookie, and a little too much cheese my intake was not so bad. Aside from the fact that I was trapped again I did pretty well keeping it together. I took 2 walks with the dog and I've promised myself planks & push ups before bed. I doubt I'll make my 10 k steps - I'm only at 6800 and I don't think I'll go out again tonight or get that much walking around the house.

Tomorrow I will get to the gym for a treadmill workout. My knees are sore from standing all day yesterday but Aleve is a wonderful drug. I need to get into a schedule. I need to make gym time since there won't be a lot of outside running in the near future. I have to stop hibernating.

Wednesday will be my regular spin class. I can't wait to get my weekly "day off". I feel like I haven't had a break since before the blizzard. OH - and if the snow plow dumps my trash can over AGAIN I am going to get a little attitude with the DPW....

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Wendy said...

Hey, Wednesday is when I usually do Spin, too! This week, I think I will change it up, though, swapping days with Power Vinyasa to leave me fit and able for Pilates Saturday.

Hey, when joints are sore, I say let them heal. This means your sore knees! A day off may be better for your body than pushing it. /end of unsolicited advice (sorry, I can't help myself)