Saturday, January 31, 2015


My motto today is DO SOMETHING... ANYTHING... Just head in a direction you want to go and stop spinning your wheels...

I woke later than I wanted to and  came SO close to blowing off spin class, but luckily I laid my clothes out the night before and left my self NO excuse. Get up, dressed, warm up the car, use the bathroom and GO. I wasn't a fan of the Saturday instructor and someone else claimed my bike (grumble) but I went. Exercise done.

When I got home I made name tags for all the horses in tomorrows show. I can not believe that I have to be at a show for 6 am and running til they are done 3? . The high will be in the teens and the wind chills... brrrrrrr... Have I mentioned how much I hate winter?

The DH and I are not communicating very well. I have been a depressed, raving lunatic and he's been the consummate avoider. He is hyper focused on preparing elaborate meals on weekends when all I want to do is catch up on laundry and relax (he's not the best with cleaning). When I talk about the kids' schedules instead of offering help - he asks "Can't she skip this show?" I hope he'll bring the teen to Roller Derby and be more into participating vs. the latter...

It's been a stressful week with the blizzard, the company, the teen, work, need to go on. I have to take care of me. I feel good that I made it to the gym.


Wendy said...

Great job!!! I was thinking about you, and wondering if - hoping! - you made it to Spin. Good job, lady! How'd it feel after?

There's nothing like that post-Spin shower, for me. So refreshing!

What's your next exercise goal?

Lynne said...

I promised myself I'd DO SOMETHING everyday no matter what!