Monday, February 09, 2015

Guess What?

Yet another school canceling snow fiasco. I am sick of this dumb winter. I am tired of my schedule getting messed up and having NO control over it... The DH snowblowed the driveway this morning and went to work. My assumption was that we were over the bulk of the snow... We were not and it hasn't stopped... Probably another 6 inches has fallen and I'm going to have to shovel... Meh.

I know we're one day closer to spring...

It's so hard to stay positive...

I am giving up CHEESE and NUTS for the rest of the month.

My shoveling will be my workout. Spinning Wednesday. Can't wait.

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Wendy said...

Ooof, and shoveling *IS* a workout! Legitimately.

I'm so sick of winter, too. But we're a third of a way through February, the worst part. We're getting there. Stay strong :)