Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Shoulders Back and Core

Shoulders back and core are all letting me know that shoveling sucks. Yesterday my youngest and I spent over two hours on the roof removing the 5 foot tall drifts that covered the windows of the second floor bedrooms. Since our house is over 100 years, the weight on the roof was definitely worrying me… We’ll be back up there today to finish the job… I am sore, but I know that it was a good workout considering I haven’t been to the gym in days….

Going forward, I've decided to stop complaining and try to be more positive (even though we could have another 8 inches Thursday night and another big storm Sunday night).  My only concern is that we honestly have no more room for the snow. The drift in the side yard is over my waist, the sides of the driveway are as high as the cars… Once we pushed the snow off the roof the pile is half way up my kitchen window… This is serious… And where will all this go when it melts???

Day one of NO CHEESE and NO NUTS. I had a yogurt and an orange for breakfast along with my large vat of coffee. I think cheese and nuts are what I give up for LENT. It makes it easier to explain to the masses…. 

My goal for tomorrow is two-fold:  Get to SPIN and Make an appointment for a refresher with the hypnotist. 

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