Wednesday, February 11, 2015


My sister is doing a half ironman this summer. She's committed to doing this by paying for the race and hiring a trainer for big bucks. To her credit she is following the plan religiously and I am happy for her. I remember training for the Boston Marathon with Team in Training. It was so great to have a schedule and a regular group run. You stop obsessing about what to do and just DO... I guess I'm a little bit jealous of where my sister is now. Don't get me wrong, I have NO desire to do a half ironman. NONE. I really just want to be happy in my skin. I want to feel strong. I want to have a regular schedule for workouts. It is really hard to get and stay motivated. Spin is easy because it's at 9:15 and I just go... When I have to coordinate ride times for the kids or when schedules and demands keep changing I have a hard time adjusting and "sneaking in" a workout. It's like the wind is taken out of my sails.

So how do we change this? The first thing is to keep the spin streak going and add to it. The next thing is to put a strength plan together - maybe an app and make a date with the gym. Part of me wants to change my work schedule so that I go in a little later... That would work and take the "kid" excuse right out of the equation... Things to think about...

I'm making an appointment with the hypnotist today.

I'm continuing the NO CHEESE, NO NUT thing.

Off to SPIN.


Wendy said...

You sound like you are turning things around. Great job! Keep going!

With no cheese or nuts on your plan, what about having hard-boiled eggs around for a low-cal/high-protein add-on for breakfast or a snack? Do you like eggs?
Interested to hear more about the hypnotist, and also - the "why" behind no cheese and no eggs. Just a portion control thing?

Lynne said...

Love Eggs! Eat lots of them on WHOLE30 and for many breakfasts during the week. NO CHEESE and NUTS is totally a portion control thing... Too many days are "great" were it not for... the bag of nuts, slices of cheese... I just can't be trusted....

Wendy said...

Well, great job securing the perimeter from the "danger items" LOL. We all have our weaknesses, that's for sure. But identifying them? that's a strength. Confronting them? huge strength.

Spring WILL come one day, and when it does, you'll be so glad you took these proactive measures.
(The cheese and nuts will still be there, you can have some then :) )