Thursday, February 19, 2015


I've done very little physical this week. With the snow, school vacation, coordinating kid activities and work, and all topped with a little apathy... Yeah, lazybones... I know it's been bad, but I know it won't be long... I feel like I am almost there... I want to run, do a race, lift some weights... Daylight savings is coming... Hibernation can't go on much longer. I checked into a hypnosis refresher, but the March date isn't going to work for me. April will have to do. Just in time for my birthday...

My eating isn't horrible but I have to fess up that I've had cheese... No milk though and few lattes... I'm starting over again - giving cheese up for lent. I really can't wait for hypnosis - I need the kick in the butt, the feeling of not craving, the power of being able to say no without feeling deprived...

Weight control is all in your mind. Control the mind, control the weight.

I have to remember that I haven't had bread or pasta or rice or potatoes in 2+ years. I haven't had any fake foods or processed sugar. These are not small feats. I'm proud of the fact that I've made major changes in my diet and although I've gained some weight over the last year, I'm nowhere near what I was when I started my journey. The health issue I'm dealing with-specifically hypothyroidism -is most likely the culprit in the gain, but I can't let it be an excuse. I will get this weight off!

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Wendy said...

Wow on no bread, pasta, potatoes, rice or fake foods for 2 years. You're right, that truly is no small feat! It's a HUGE feat!
Some regain is inevitable, for all of us. You'll get it back in hand. I can tell from your words you're beginning to turn the page, with Lent and the changing of seasons.