Monday, March 23, 2015

Building on a Spring Foundation...

It's cold out today and not very "Springy", but the sun is bright and productive. I hope it will do something to speed up the melting process - there is still so much snow... At least the roads and sidewalks are clear so if the weather holds I will be able to get outside and at least walk the dog in the afternoons. I had such a good run Saturday that I want to build on that and run on my own. I have a 3 mile route and it's just of matter of DOING IT.

I've had a stressful few weeks with the teen and her issues. School in the spring is typically disastrous and this year is no different. It's hard to deal with her and hard to deal with the school that doesn't see her behavior as a symptom of her illness; which I know it is. I have a feeling that this term is a wash, but I know she'll at least be able to pull out a pass for the year. I have to keep her focused on the good things - field trips, spring vacation, and the plays she is involved in and help her as much as possible to get her homework done, show up to class and keep a positive attitude. Not easy being a mom.

It's also no fun to have to deal with this alone. The DH doesn't get it and really doesn't ask about her school problems or show much interest. I'm tired of trying... I am also done with encouraging healthy eating for him. I just wish he wouldn't continue to buy juice. I don't want the kids drinking it, and I don't want to be tempted.

I have been GRAZING all weekend. Nothing truly bad except for 2 mini corn muffins and a ginger bread cookie (homemade). I'm all done with that stuff and moving on... I have veggies to roast tonight and I'll probably pick up a chicken or turkey breast to go along with them. I want to get back to focusing on WHOLE FOODS and organic as much as possible. The goal for the week is to:
1. build on the great workout I had Saturday and run at least one time and get to spin class. A bonus would be a strength workout.
2. eat clean this week. NO SUGAR!!

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