Thursday, March 26, 2015


My friend was back at the hospital last night and was admitted. It is pretty scary when someone you care for (and who is young and lives a similar life) is sick. I'm not sure if it was this news or the dog waking me or the snoring DH, but I slept in fits and I am exhausted.

I love coffee.

Thursdays are the worst day of the week as far as shuffling kids to their activities. From the time they get home at 3 until 8 p.m. tonight I'll basically be in the car. Once spring is here for real (meaning the snow is gone) I'll be able to sneak in some walking, but until then I'm stuck.

Eating yesterday was not too bad. Too much popcorn and I ate an ice cream from Chick Fil A. BUT I had no lattes!  Today I need to focus on more veggies, lean meat or fish and less dairy... I've got to get some steps in so I can win my FITBIT challenge.

Tonight I'll try again to sleep. I'm going to drink chamomile tea, evict the dog and put in the earplugs. I have got to stop yawning!!!

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Wendy said...

Yeah, sleep is so so important. I really hope you get a full night's worth tonight! Maybe you need a "Do Not Disturb" hangtag for your doorknob :)

Sorry about your friend. I know it is scary; I've had a lot of friends, colleagues and neighbors get ill over the years (more than you'd think for my age). It's tough, but you can use it for good, as a wake-up call for yourselves. Hang in there.