Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Oh What a Night......

It was a busy day yesterday and didn't get home til 9:30. I cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed falling asleep within a few minutes of hitting the pillow... At 11:05 p.m. the teen woke me up "Where's my laptop?! I have to finish an English paper, It has to be submitted by midnight, Where's my laptop?!" In a sleepy daze I suggested she use the computer in the kitchen (since everything is Google Docs) which was met with an incoherent tirade about how the tween had touched her stuff... blah blah... The DH yelled up that he would help look..... I went to her room and did a cursory search. Since I had emptied out the tween's room I knew it wasn't there and she never touches it anyway... "Sorry, I can write you a note for tomorrow, but really you need to sleep!" Another tirade, slammed door, Five minutes later I heard a soft "I found it mom," from behind the door and I went to bed --- and lay awake for 3 hours!

I got up normally this morning, trying to pretend it was all a bad dream. Thankfully everyone got up and out on time; the cleaners are coming and I am dressed for spin class. I wish I didn't feel hungover. I am a girl that needs her sleep.

The teen will be completely out of sorts tonight as she needs her sleep more than I do, she had barely 6 hours and has a full day ahead with school, a detention and then rehearsals til 8 p.m... I have no idea why she was the way she was last night. I can tell you it wasn't about an English paper! For now I will enjoy "MY DAY". I will go spin, meet mom for coffee and then return home to a clean house. It makes me happy!

I am going to make Ina Garten's roasted broccoli and pick up some salmon for dinner. I will eat clean today! AND FYI Blue Hill Butternut Squash yogurt is my new delicious find... 90 calories, organic, yum... at WholeFoods and Wegmans!

I hit 12K on my FITBIT and have a goal to do even more today. I'm doing a workweek challenge with some friends and have to catch up after a dead battery day on Monday!!!

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