Monday, March 16, 2015


The Good.

- I had a lovely (albeit rainy/snowy)weekend away with my very best friends.
- I slept in a very comfy bed alone with no snoring and I woke up without an alarm
- I didn't have to drive anyone anywhere
- I did exactly what I wanted.
- I ate some yummy food and drank some yummy drinks.

The Bad.

- I ate too much sugar and cheese. I didn't have time to shop before the weekend so I was stuck with what everyone else brought (my contribution - vodka and mixers that we picked up on the way).  There were a lot of crackers, a lot of cheese, a lot of nuts. There were NO veggies for noshing. One friend made homemade brownies; another brought salted dark chocolates; another brought gourmet black jelly beans. I ate them all.
- It's kind of a joke - but it's not very funny -  every time I go away, the DH pays me back by spending money we don't have or getting a new random pet. This weekend - both girls adopted white mice. I have nothing else to say about that.
- The DH missed some activities, did not encourage homework, and left me heaping baskets of clean, wrinkled, unfolded laundry.

The Plan.

- Part of me is in full on SPRING CLEAN MODE. I am overwhelmed with clutter and furniture I don't like. I want to spend a day in my youngest daughter's room. Hers is the smallest and she is a pack rat. I shouldn't let it, but it drives me C-R-A-Z-Y!   Next is the teen, Next is my closet. The downstairs bathroom, laundry, and the family carpet is desperate for a cleaning... It must be the time of year.... Meh.

- Send the taxes. Get the refund. Pay for summer camp.

- GO TO SPIN... Part of me wants to stay home Wednesday and just clean, but the smart part of my brain says "YOU BETTER GET TO SPIN CLASS!" so I will.

- I have to STOP EATING SUGAR and get back to basics - NO SUGAR except for fruit.
- Get an appointment for a refresher with JULIE.
- I feel bloated and yucky after this weekend. I am pretty disappointed in my choices - not necessarily that I had brownies and... but that I didn't have just one, I had many and way to much!  It's done. I move on and just need to eat well and get back on the wagon. I feel a little out of control? I feel a little scattered. I'm going to work on focusing just on today. MONDAY.


Wendy said...

Don't feel bad about the brownies. Instead, remind yourself, that's how sugar works! It hits the reward center of your brain, which then bypasses your conscious processes to take control of your hand for more sugar. Good reminder of why sugar is so dangerous, though.

You've got your checklist, you know exactly what to do.

So glad you got a break, and some time away. That sounds great! In the scheme of things, 2 white mice isn't so bad. At least they don't live so long. Better that than a big-ticket purchase you hate, right? Anyway, glad you got your weekend away.

Lynne said...

I never thought I had an issue with sugar until I didn't eat it anymore and then when it sneaks in.... UGH. Back on track now!