Thursday, April 09, 2015

I Have a Date...

I finally signed up and paid for a spot in the May 4 refresher with the hypnotist. I'm looking forward to getting my mojo back. I'm sick and tired of feeling fat and tired. I want to go shopping for new clothes, but don't want to settle for big pants.I also don't want to buy tight pants. I want to feel good and feel like I look good when I leave the house each day.

I went to spin yesterday. It was such a great class and I am always so happy after the fact; that I forced myself to go... Showing up is 99% of working out. My fitness this week is ON POINT - I ran 5.5 miles Saturday, went to a really awful spin class Monday (old school style vs. RPM) which included a 15 minute core routine, and then spin yesterday... Today I'll go to the gym, but it will most likely be to walk/jog on the treadmill and get my FITBIT steps since it's raining and I already know I'm grumpy.

As for food, I'm trying to cut down and/or cut out the carbs. I am pretty good with most things (I still eat no potatos, rice, or bread) but I'm eating fruit and some yogurts that have added 'cane sugar'. This will have to go when I get back on my eating plan... Part of me is feeling resentful that I will have to once again give up my nuts - grumble. Part of me is upset that I won't be enjoying fruit this summer... again... It's absolutely the wrong way to look at this situation, and I know it. I am being that spoiled brat - Veruca girl... instead of looking at this as a way to maintain my weight long-term. I know how awesome it feels to be at a healthy weight and not think constantly about what I can eat, what clothes fit and how I can disguise the fact that I've gained weight. It's exhausting and makes me crazy!

I'm looking forward to May 4. I can't wait to squash the cravings and be back in control. By the time summer begins (6/20) I will be back to the healthy me!!!!

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