Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Spin makes me feel better...

I could have blown it off, but I didn't. I went to spin, had coffee with the mom and came home to "begin eating the elephant" that is my house. The last load of laundry is in the dryer. My goal is to get it all put away. I have a running "to do" list that gets longer by the hour, but I'm taking a deep breath and crossing things off at least three things today: Laundry, Bills, and Putting away the gloves and boots (It's April 1 for crying out loud!!)

Yesterday was horrible eating. CHEESE, not enough veggies and ICECREAM for dinner... DUMB. I have just a few weeks before vacation, and the following week its my hypnosis refresher. Every day I am closer to getting my mojo back.... Until then, I'll just start fresh and treat each day like a new opportunity to eat well. I'm done beating myself up - but no more icecream for dinner!!!

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Wendy said...

Agreed - just start fresh. Sounds like a productive day for you! Same here. Must be this sunshine-spring finally beginning to arrive. Did your crocus bloom?