Friday, May 08, 2015

Spring Cleaning for the Body and Day 5 Under a Spell...

FIVE FULL days under hypnosis and I feel GREAT!  I have not gone off program. I have followed all the rules. Time is all I need now. I have had ZERO cravings.

In addition to the hypnotist I went for check ups with my primary care, gynecologist and the eye doctor. I haven't had an eye exam for about 6 years and I knew that things were bad... Now I need full-time glasses (distance and reading and an astigmatism). Meh... I saw a parenting coach for the first time and it helped a lot on many different levels.

I would highly recommend a Spring Cleaning of the Body for everyone. Make a list of all the things (health wise) you've been neglecting and set a week aside to take care of them. It feels like I actually did something productive - All the nagging issues have been addressed.

Tomorrow is a LONG run with the sisters... The 1/2 Iron Man Trainee has to do 9 miles, so we will support her and chug along....I really hope I feel better than I did last week. The whole way I felt like I was running through wet cement!

After the run I have a YARD WORK on the schedule - edging and mulching... fun. I'm going to dinner with my family after my teen's school play so it should be a fun weekend. I have no idea what's in store for mother's day... I'm not really a fan of holidays.

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