Tuesday, May 12, 2015

On to Week Two...

One week ago I went for a hypnosis refresher. It was really just what I needed. I continue to feel empowered, in control and on top of my eating. I am fully compliant without feeling deprived. All the things I worried about a few weeks ago "How will I live without fruit again?!" "How will I NOT eat soft serve?"  " How can I only eat yogurt 3x week?"I am happy to report are non-issues. I'm just following the plan and there are no cravings....

Weight loss IS mind control. Control the mind, control the body...

This morning was a yogurt day. I was worried because I can only have plain - BUT - added pickled ginger root and cinnamon - and chia - yum (Oh, and a slice of ham). It was a nice break from eggs.

I'm trying to eat my main meal for lunch which has been a large salad with grilled chicken or smoked salmon and then grazing through dinner since most week nights I'm on the road shuttling the kids. It's working well, so I continue.

Of course I am anxious to get the weight off and start seeing some results. I need to be patient and trust the process. I am never tempted to get on the scale, just looking to the day when I can feel a difference in my pants. I have two pairs of shorts that I can't wear in public and I'm not buying any others... Now, there's an incentive!

AND the pool opens in a few weeks... bathing suit.... hmm... I predict that by Independence Day I'll be comfortable in my skin again...  I really am looking forward to summer.

1. Make / prep  veggies ahead of time.
2. Get to SPIN tomorrow!
3. Hit 10K steps per day.
4. Don't eat anything after 8 p.m.
5. Take medications/supplements faithfully.

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