Monday, May 18, 2015

Two Weeks Refreshed!

It's been 2 weeks since my refresher with the hypnotist and the only craving I have had is for yogurt. I caved yesterday and had FAGE 2% with a teaspoon of maple sugar, chia and organic vanilla extract. I think it will be OK as long as I don't have it every day. Other than that my eating was excellent; I did tons of yard work, ran 5 miles Saturday and walked 3+ miles with the dog and DH yesterday. We prepped the site for the new shed which included digging up grass and top soil and raking out 3 yards of rock. My back was sore last night and I'm a little achy all over this morning. Hopefully the shed will arrive this week so we can have the long weekend to put it all back together.

May 6 and May 16. I felt pretty good about my progress until I put these pants on and I honestly can't tell if they look or feel any different. They are still too snug for my liking, but I shouldn't be expecting miracles in days, right... I'll try to do this ever week and sooner than later (hoping by end of June) I'll be able to wear these comfortably with a t-shirt tucked in. I'm fully committed to the process.

Doing lots of reading on Hashimotos and all signs point to gluten free living. I'm pretty much there right now, but to be 100% is going to be tough.

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Wendy said...

You're doing great! Don't fall victim to measuring too often, it can make success feel like failure. Or at least not-success. :) Maybe wait for a sign that something fits differently, or feels thinner, for the next pic?
Great job on all that physical activity, you know you have to be VERY fit to do all that! You should be proud of yourself.