Wednesday, May 20, 2015

From Apathy to Productivity...

I woke up this morning a little grumpy. It didn't help matters that the teen was in a foul mood and went to school un-showered and disheveled. I guess I could just be happy that she's in school...Yeah...

The house was trashed, the laundry everywhere and in my teen's current funk she's been eating in her room which for hygiene I had to clean up... A big part of me wanted to blow off spin to manage the "stuff". Part of me wanted to read my book (the first I've been able to get into in months...). But then there was a part of me that said: "You promised yourself you would go to spin. GO! You won't regret it"... and I didn't. I went to spin and it was hard and awesome and yeah, no regrets. I came home energized and folded laundry, paid the bills, and got a handle on the day. I am mentally preparing for the teens return... She's demanding and rude and just not much fun to be around. But thanks to the endorphin's of an excellent workout I can manage.

I'm going to keep a positive outlook. I'm going to walk my dog, enjoy the rest of my day and not be affected by someone else's illness.

Eating well. Still not feeling like I'm losing, but I know it takes time. I'm prepared to wait it out! I trust the plan!!

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