Friday, May 01, 2015

Weekend Plans

Have you ever had "Eat Your Vegetables" chips? Addicting, delicious and out of my life for a while. That was my "dinner" last night as I shuffled kids from rehearsals to counseling to school concert to piano to horseback riding and home. The bag was gone before I knew it...

Finally Friday. I can't wait to be done with this week. It's tough to get back in the swing of things after vacation. The motivation is low, the piles on the desk - high...BUT I am really excited the days ahead. Tomorrow I run with my sisters. It will be a little grueling since one sister is prepping for a half ironman and we've agreed to add a few miles to our run for a total of 7. My motivation to go is the coffee talk that will follow. I haven't seen my sisters in over 2 weeks! The weather is going to be seventies and sunny and I can't wait to get the yard work done. My youngest owes me two hours of work so I'm hoping it won't take all day. I'd like to get my bike out at some point Sunday.

Monday is my hypnosis refresher. I am really excited to go - my expectations are high. I have a bin full of summer clothes that don't currently fit.

My goals for the weekend are:
1. 7 miles with the sibs.
2. Get the yard clean up DONE
3. Don't watch TV - Read, walk, or just be outside!
4. Prep good food for the weekend/week ahead!

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Wendy said...

Lovely weekend for outdoor work, at least here in NJ - hope it's the same (or better!) where you are so you can knock out your list with pleasure.

What a joy to have sisters nearby who you really look forward to spending time with. You are lucky in that.