Friday, June 26, 2015

Happy Friday!

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I am SO glad to be done this week. Only a few more days of the fiscal year and I can be finished with the chaos. I really - really need a few days off... The DH is going to his parents next week so I'm thinking some "mental health ME - care" is in order...

True confession time.... I had frozen yogurt last night with fruit and almonds. Yum, but... I'd sworn off the frozen treats.... grumble. I did, however, find a yummy, filling, new favorite fast food option at Noodles & Co. - BUFF Bowls!

Gluten free, 31 g protein, 14 g carbs, 21 g fats and 380 calories!
Lots of flavor options - Tuscan, Curry, Pesto... Chipotle is usually my "go to" but now I have options when I'm out! (Little things make me happy.) 

The weekend looks rainy, but the sisters and I are riding NO MATTER WHAT!!  I have to get some serious saddle time in so I can finish PAN MASS in a happy way.... I am going to work in some daily rides over the next month - just a quick 5 miles with a long ride on the weekends. After 5 years I'm getting a little tired of the fundraising and the training. I think both my sisters are too so we'll probably just volunteer next year and take a break.

My focus has got to be weight right now... I can't let anything distract me! I know I am capable - my body just has to start cooperating! I'm not getting on the scale... I really just want my shorts to fit again... and soon!  Summer will be done in a blink!

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