Thursday, June 25, 2015

Body Pump #2

Hooray! I made it to Body Pump this morning. It was a great class; still hard as hell, but I really feel like I've accomplished something this week. It is also sobering to stare at a mirror for an hour, as the biggest person in the class *knowing* that this is the last time I will look like this. JUST WAIT PEOPLE!! Every day I put the effort in will be one day closer to strong arms, legs and core... And MAN the core really needs some work. I could NOT do the full plank exercise with the group this morning. I really have my work cut out for me!

Eggs, spinach and feta for breakfast with my giant coffee and almond milk. Take that CARBS! 4.53 TOTAL!! Excellent!! Now if I can just keep this up all day!

While I've made it to exercise each morning, by 3 o'clock I am SO tired... like can't keep my eyes open - not good... I made it to bed by 9 last night so hopefully I'll feel a little more "ON" today. We'll see. I go back to the doctor July 6 for a thyroid check.....


Wendy said...

I have that problem, too, that morning exercise can cut into energy levels for the day, as in, days, I DON'T exercise, I sometimes have a more energy / motivation to do physical things. But that improves, keep with it. Body pump is great! I do a version of that that's a strength training class, and we do planks at the end. I can plank BEFORE 55 minutes of exertion, but after? Please. It's on my knees, almost always. Good for you for hitting your exercise goals for the week, great job! Onward. You've got this.

And and WTG with that super low-carb brekkie. Boom!

Lynne said...

Thanks!!!! Same goal next week.... I have got to get this weight off!!