Monday, June 29, 2015

New Week and a New Set of Goals...

Goal #1:
I will make it two weeks in a row of BODY PUMP and I will go up on my weights (just a little).
Goal #2: 
I will work to eliminate any processed sugar from my diet (mix my own fruit with plain yogurt).
Goal #3:
I will work to stop night time eating! My mantra will be GO READ... because the TV is just a snack inducer...

I'm still a little sore from Saturday's ride, but so proud of myself for not whining too much and committing to doing the same ride this weekend. I'll get a few shorter rides and a spin on my own, but I need the long rides to train for Pan Mass. I want to finish happy - not wrecked!

The DH is leaving Thursday morning. I am glad he will be with his dad and be able to see his mom who is sick and probably transitioning to a nursing home. We'll go as a family at the end of the summer when things are more settled.  I really need this break. I am thankful for the time apart to regroup and de-stress. The kids and I will be able to eat clean - no worries about junk food making it's way to the house and we'll do things the DH can't do right now - like paddle boarding! The cleaners come Wednesday so I'll be able to enjoy a clean house for longer than a day. It's good.

I put on freshly dried pants this morning and they weren't skin tight... Could this be progress? We'll see. I won't get too cocky just yet, but it is encouraging and motivating.

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Wendy said...

clothes fitting differently is great feedback, woo hoo! sounds like some relief is headed your way to help make this a great second week in a row on your current fitness goals/plan. you can do it.