Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Body Pump #1 done...

Ahh... That class hurts SO much... but it's a good hurt. I know that it will yield results if I just keep going... It's going to be a tricky week. My mom is having eye surgery today and won't be able to drive so I'm her ride...She has a post-op appointment tomorrow  at 9 (same time as SPIN ughh) and then the DH is flying out early Thursday (same time as Body Pump!) I am trying to figure out how to get in both classes at alternate times and Friday's classes are cancelled b/c of the holiday... It will be logistically challenging, but I will meet my goals.

Today I'm going to be more thoughtful about food choices and hunger. I haven't been paying too much attention lately and I know that habit versus hunger has been an issue for me.

On another note - I am really frustrated with the DH. He was doing some work around the house and noted how much his size and current physical state are negatively affecting him. He talked about his mom and how years of neglecting her physical health led to her current condition and what a burden it is on his dad. I wanted to scream inside as he prepared his dinner - a family sized bag of perogies with butter and cheese, washed down with a beer or two (ignoring the veggies and salad I had prepped in the fridge). How can he continue to ignore the signs. How long does he think he has before he faces his own health emergency? Why can't he let his mother's situation be his cautionary tale???  It's maddening!!!

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