Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Stress and Slugs and Change...

Yesterday was a total loser day. It was pouring so getting outside was not happening. The tween has too many projects and the teen (who should be studying for finals) is out creating new situations... She was a really big jerk last night and this morning. Her 'friend' from the mall just moved in a few blocks away and let's just say I'm thankful that most of the summer is scheduled. Intuition tells me to watch out!

Yesterday I watched a lot of Orange is the New Black... In fact, I watched about 3 episodes and did pretty much nothing post-work except shuttle kids and run the tween to the library for an emergency print job when ours ran out of ink at 8:30. The DH came home and sat in the driveway for an hour mediating a fight between his siblings. Sick, aged parents are a challenge for any family. There is stress. So I ate... cheese and yogurt and did not count carbs. Not pretty.

Today is a new day.

Renew, redo...

I am sore from my ride - back and neck mostly. I could really use a massage... But mostly I need my kids to cooperate and be nice to each other -  and their father.

This weeks rambling goals are:

1. Work at work
2. Ride my bike at least 2 times
4. Fix my car
5. Go to Body Pump at least once

Change is hard, but possible, and needs attention every day. Stress will be here always so I must practice healthy ways to manage it and being a SLUG is not an option (and probably more the reason why I feel so sore this morning!).

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Wendy said...

Hope you are meeting your week's goals! IF not - there is still time left! You can do it.