Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The Knee and other Pains...

The klutzy fall I took over a week ago is still really sore. The cut has heeled, but the knee just aches,  waking me up at night; and always when getting up from a seat or walking up/down stairs. Aleve is my friend (when I remember to take it!). I still went spinning and ran last week. It doesn't feel like I'm making things worse - other than it being stiff afterwards. I have a LONG bike in August that I am committed to doing and I have to get going on it. I can not be injured. Grumble.

I finally caved. We adopted a cat Sunday after 3 years cat free . He is very friendly and would like my dog if she weren't such a psycho. It will be a long adjustment period for sure. Of course I've read how to best introduce the two over time and the DH as is his way, prefers the "Let's just see what happens" method, completely contradicting everything I worked out with the kids.... This morning it was "The dog learned how to push the door open to the cat's room?!" Really? I'm sure your taunts of "Where's the Kitty" and leaving the door slight ajar had nothing to do with her acquiring that new skill... I'll definitely feel confident that they'll be fine all day alone... I'm sure the cat will feel safe in her space... Excellent!!

Anything to create chaos.

Breathe.  I really am trying to let things roll.

I'm still working the eating plan. The DH bought macaroons a week ago (my favorite, how thoughtful) and I didn't eat any of them. I have caved and had Chobani yogurt. I've decided to to do Siggis or plain Fage from now on though and add a little honey because the Chobani is just too sweet and I don't want to get used to that sweetness level again. I've eaten pretty well, though I'm considering a cheese-free experiment for the next week to see if it will make any difference in my weight. I still don't feel any real loss and I'd like to step it up a little.

The kids are getting excited for the end of the school year. The teen seems to have stepped it up this quarter. I haven't had any calls from her teachers and she's texted a few "B" tests in math so I'll assume she's no longer failing. 12.5 days to go! The summer offers new challenges - mostly transportation issues with my work schedule, but they feel much easier to deal with than teen angst and endless projects...

Goals for the week:
1. No cheese slices until further notice. Feta on salads or Parm on veggies is a condiment I can handle, but nothing else.
2. No more eating at night. I did well the first two weeks and then... back in the chair and watching too much TV. I know 4 solid days of rain isn't good for the mind, but NO EXCUSES. GO READ!!
3. Get the house back together. The shed is supposed to be delivered today so all the stuff in my family room (like my bike) can go back outside. I need to pick up for the cleaners tomorrow!  Let's pray the rain stops!!
4. In spite of all I have around the house, I will go spinning, pay the bills and make a few meals for the rest of the week. NO EATING OUT!
5. I want to pick ONE THING each week to concentrate on - a closet, a section of the basement, my clothes... and clean it out. If it doesn't make me happy - I'm NOT keeping it!!

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Wendy said...

Congrats on the kitty! Your hubs sounds like a real trouble-maker LOL.

Good luck with that knee, it needs to heal before any endurance events. What about a drugstore brace to help it heal? I'd give it a week or two break from running or riding, but that's just me. Or, really, I'd want to but I'm not sure I'd actually be able to :P Hope it heals up. Maybe a good supplement, like L-carnitine and/or collagen? Those or others are supposed to help connective tissue heal. Good luck, feel better.