Monday, July 13, 2015

And Life Keeps Moving......

Every week I can't wait for Friday and then it comes, but the weekend is jammed and by Sunday night I'm exhausted and in need of another weekend... It's Monday again and I can't wait for Friday... This week there are good things, but there is also work - and not much sleep or down time. Shuttling kids, Mom has eye surgery Wednesday and I'm her ride both ways, Dr's appointment, and I WILL get in my Body Pump and Spin Class! For fun, I'm going to see U2, and then a friend I haven't seen in years will be here just one night... Too much to do. I really crave a completely down day  - as in no driving, no working, no phone... and it's not happening any day soon!


This weekend I had such a tough ride. We did our usual long loop, but then added another 10 to 47+ miles. I wanted to KILL my sister. The hills at mile 40 were so terrible - like 1+ miles of a 10% grade. My legs were still tired from Body Pump and I hadn't slept the night before. My teen was having some social issues that just made me so sad for her - a tough mom day. So I cried all the way up that damn hill; which I suppose was good --- feeling the feelings, but it wasn't my best ride.

My goals this week are to eat well and with an eye to portion size, continue the Body Pump/Spin streak no matter what and finally to LIVE in the moment - enjoy the fun things without thinking about what's on the agenda... That means U2 and catching up with my friend!

Eventually I'll get my day off... The kids are at camp August 1-15 together and the teen will stay till the 22nd... It's then that I will really take care of ME! I can't wait!!

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