Thursday, July 09, 2015


Three solid weeks of Body Pump are complete. I feel pretty proud of myself and plan to continue at very least for the rest of the summer... I definitely want to make this a habit. The class is still so hard, but that obviously means strength training was missing. I know that my shoulders and core/back are my trouble spots. Hopefully all this work will make me stronger and my Pan Mass Ride in August not hurt so much!

We have another 40 mile training ride planned for Saturday. My tween also has a 4-H goat show and the teen will probably be bored. The DH is home from his parents house, and although he was there to help them and not on vacation - we can not stop this life 'merry-go-round' to entertain him now that he is back. It's the hardest thing for him to deal with - the kids having their own lives. Yesterday he talked about wanting to get a less stressful job so that he could spend more time with the kids, and go to the gym..... Um... those days are gone my friend... The kids do not want to be with us. They want us to give them money and drive them places. That's it. As for the gym - a trip once a week, even 5 x week is not going to do a damn thing if you continue to eat like crap.

And that's a whole other issue. My brother in law had a health scare, the mother in law is ill due to things that were preventable (i.e. weight!) and I wish the DH would have his "come to Jesus" moment before he has his own emergency. It's so frustrating! He doesn't understand how his weight affects our relationship and how his limitations make spending time together UN FUN. Will he ever?! I hope so.

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Wendy said...

Congrats on BP streak! Yes, it does take weeks/months to show up, but when it does, BAM. It's a big difference, as you know. Sounds like a tough situation with the SO, but maybe he's showing interest in change?

Would still love to hear about chicken sitting :)