Monday, August 17, 2015

Feeling Fat...

My little vacation break was nice, but I ate too much and drank too much and had an ice cream cone every day! I am done. I feel fat. I mistakenly tried on my favorite shorts from last summer and they are WAY too tight. No possibility I'm wearing them this season, but it gave me a little "slap upside the head". I need to get a grip on the diet and start working on weight loss! 

The goal for this week is to eat my meals and not snack. No eating after dinner! I will go to my room and read. I will NOT graze in front of the TV. That is a pretty good goal. The DH wants to lose some weight and I'm going to support him; though I'm done nagging, pleading and begging. I hope he can be successful. He is SO unhealthy.

I have Body Pump TU/TH and Spin on WE so fitness is on track. Tonight I am going to a yoga class on my sister's deck at the lake. It's a nice welcome back!

As for the trip, yes I ate with abandon, but I also did some hiking and next summer I'm going to climb Mt. Washington and NOT take the train. I wish I had known that it wasn't a technical climb, just a hike - I may have done it this year... But the DH says he'll do it too next summer, and there's no way he could have made it this year - NONE. I've never been a camper. I wonder if I am a camper?

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Wendy said...

Good goals for the week. Drinking extra water may also help flush out some bloat. Good luck!