Monday, September 28, 2015

Getting it Together!

I walked / ran alot this weekend and it definitely helped with the stress, but not the eating!  I didn't log my food, but I know I was looking to the fridge constantly and craving anything sweet - I hit the pumpkin chobani, ate dried fruits, apple butter & ... Friday night too many nuts, Saturday we went for Indian food and I had both rice and Naan...grumble. I feel a little defeated with the weight, but I'm also stressed about money, so the hypnotist for $500 doesn't sound very doable right now. I know what to do... Getting my mind around it is quite another issue entirely. Meh.

I'm at least trying to keep the FITBIT streak going - so far 7 days of 10K+ days. Tomorrow is Body Pump and even missing Abs and shoulders, I feel strong and it's totally worth going. I need to make sure that I set myself up for success - have the clothes ready the night before - I hate the dark and cold and I know that I'll feel less likely to go if I have to hunt for socks and risk being late.... Making it through this winter will be the ultimate victory. I am a hibernator...I don't like to go out in the cold...I always feel bear-like, unsociable. I have to break the cycle!

Lots of money stress this week. Two major birthdays - kids turn 13 and 16 and there's Driver's Ed for $800, brakes and tires for my car $1500, and let's throw in a broken refrigerator for good measure... Yup. The good thing is that I was too lazy to go shopping yesterday so the fridge is basically empty and I could use some fresh condiments. I don't want to spend 2K on a new fridge right now! I hope it can be fixed. The DH says "Don't worry about it!" but he doesn't see or pay the bills and he doesn't think debt is a big deal... UGH.

The DH is stressed about his parents so I'm trying to be patient. They are pretty messed up and the DH lately would rather abandon them than see them like this. Sounds extreme, but he REALLY doesn't want to go this weekend. They are completely unrealistic about how they want to live and care for themselves and they don't want to hear anything different. They want help - and have asked DH to come, but once he's out of vacation/sick time - then what? Hard times are coming. I'm thankful to have a little break since he'll be gone with them for 4 days. I'm honestly having a hard time listening to the same complaints over and over...

I'm going to log my food this week. Take advantage of a DH-free house (no tempting bad for you food) and see if I can get something going... I know I'll need to string several weeks together, but I know it starts with one...

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