Saturday, September 12, 2015

Running is Therapy

It was great to see my running pals - my best friend from high school; my sister's best friend from high school; and my 2 sisters. Our standing date of 6:30 a.m. Saturday begins again after the summer hiatus. There was some running, a little walking and a lot of catching up. My friend just recently expanded her company; and she's stressed about a lull in new business... My sister is stressed about my brother in law's weird, still un-diagnosed illness, and the other sister is worrying about our other brother and his relationship. I am living my life, bored with work, but afraid and/or unable to change my circumstance because of the unpredictability of my daughter's illness. I don't feel like this compares to the others in terms of stress, but I definitely feel restless and purposeless some days.

So, as we ran, we talked and listened to each other's problems. Listening being key; and it was good. I feel renewed and refreshed. Running is therapy. I came away this morning with a plan of sorts - a suggestion to come up with a list of things I may want to do when the teen is out of school and I get my life back. Once I have the list I should spend a few months researching each idea and seeing if there are ways to start realizing the dream...

It's got me thinking.

For now I am thankful for a day with not much going on. The teen is camping with the youth group, the tween is off to a friends, the DH is up to no good, and I am home with the animals and a little time to chill. I have a 12:45 appointment to donate blood this afternoon. It's for a classmate of my teen who has a rare cancer and its the least I can do for this family. I am so thankful my kids are *healthy*.

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Wendy said...

100%, 1000%, we should be (and I am) thankful for our health as long as we have it.

You are so lucky to have such close, supportive relationships with your sisters. I really envy that. My sister lives far from me and is 10 years younger, which is one hurdle, and just in general is not as into trying to make a real relationship with me as I am with her. So, I read these passages and I wish I had that! But also very happy for you. It's wonderful to have those connections and that love and support. Definitely keep it going!