Friday, September 11, 2015

Finally Friday...

It's been a LONG SHORT week... Funny how that is... Last night could have been really bad. The teen was not in a good mood. I know she was anxious about auditions for the school play, but it manifested in not wanting to go to her therapist, not wanting to take her meds, picking on her sister and begging me, crying, picking a fight about not wanting to go to school today, and not going camping this weekend. Oh, it's too soon for this I thought - and then this morning she was up and off to school without incident... Baffling.

I think the key is not engaging. Hearing what she has to say and not trying to solve the problem or give in to her impulsive nature. It's not easy at all, in fact it's like negotiating a mine field where any misstep could end in disaster. I was lucky last night.

Oh the eating... What will I do?  I had popcorn, booty, a granola bar (too sweet), and cheese... too much cheese... I don't feel in control - it's not an all out binge, but I am eating things I know are not good for me.... What's up with that? It would be one thing if they were my absolute favorite things, but honestly the granola bar tasted fake and too sweet... that bad chocolate flavor. So why eat the whole thing? This is what I wonder.

Goals for the day are to REST (though I'll be walking around a horse show all night). Run tomorrow with the sisters, and regroup from last weekend. My yard looks horrible and the rain is just going to excite all those weeds... I need to get ahead of it! The DH has mentioned a hike and if the weather clears up, I think we could try the Blue Hills Observatory. There are trails and interesting things to see. I'm OK with that.

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