Monday, October 05, 2015

Missed opportunity, but a plan is in the works...

I can't begin to recount the poor diet choices of this weekend - I can't say that I over ate, but my choices SUCKED and I offer no excuses. Both girls had their birthdays, but I didn't need to eat cake... I ate cake. I didn't need to eat cream puffs or ice cream, but I did that too. I didn't need a bag of gluten free chips Friday night, though I could hear the justification in my head... you ran, you logged your 10K+ steps... Dumb. I didn't need to celebrate birthday dinner last night with chicken wings and cheese curd. Dumb.

I finally went grocery shopping so the fridge is well stocked. I want to make Tomato soup from . It looks delicious and healthy and my children and I need to eat well this week. DH comes home tomorrow night. I know he's had a not so fun trip. I'm not going to say it was "hard", but mentally I know it was difficult for him. I'm SO over sick parents, with poor plans and no end in sight.

I have a plan in the works and it involves hypnosis. I'm excited and anxious about making the investment. My May refresher with Julie Kibe didn't work for me, so I'm going to someone new and taking a different approach. My head is in the right place, I just need to implant the cues to block my cravings and lack of portion control. I  know what is possible and I know it's all in my head. God knows, I know how to eat well and most of the time I do.

Another week of too much to do. I missed body pump last Thursday and will miss it again tomorrow since I have to make another airport run. I have to figure out a way to get to the gym for a lifting session. I feel like I'm letting things slip a little... maybe a lot... I need to get a grip and make it through the winter...

On another note, my sister gave the girls a trip to the Adventure Park ziplining course. It looks scary, but they want me to come. Can I face my fears?!

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