Tuesday, December 22, 2015

One More Day...

Final push is on to Christmas.

I really hate the pressure I feel to buy gifts, make food, shuffle kids or deal with last minute "Secret Santa"- sorry mom I forgot!...... Once they're off to school tomorrow, I'm done. I just need to hang on ONE MORE DAY...

MFP streak continues. FITBIT has been a near miss 2 days in a row. 9000+ steps, just shy of my goal. Oh well... Not that the week is a wash, but exercise other than walking the dog has not been a priority. My guess is that's why people are so hot on resolutions. They spend the month of December stressed out shopping and celebrating that it's not until January 1 that they can focus again on personal health and fitness.... I'm not waiting til January... I 'm 8 days in to MFP and feeling good about what I've done so far.

I thought up a scheme to measure progress on MFP. I don't own a scale and I'm not really interested in seeing my weight with all its ups and downs so the plan instead will be awarding myself 3 pounds if I meet my macro goal (low carb, high protein, moderate -good- fat) and hit 10k steps/day; 2 pounds if I stay within calories and hit 10k steps/day; and 1 pound if I stay within my calories. Putting that into practice for the past week yields a loss of 1 pound, and I'm OK with that.

I've probably put on 25lbs over the last year so in 24 weeks I can get my body back to where I want it, and hopefully sooner if I  plan a little better and work a little harder.

For now, I'll do my best to enjoy the holiday with my family and stay mindful.

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