Sunday, December 27, 2015

Striving to be better

The teen is not well and there is little I can do. I did not cause her illness and i can't cure it. I do all I can to get her the best help, but if she is unwilling to take responsibility for her actions & take the help she's offered; if she isn't ready to do the work - life for her will not change. It makes me sad, and frustrated and I won't ever give up on her.

And I still have a life, another child, a husband...

I feel sick. I have been so off with my diet, but it ends today. I'll do some shopping and restock the good stuff. At least I have a fridge to keep it cold... What a nightmare that was! I'm off the wheat - sugar - and processed foods. They are not good for me. Thinking about a round of whole 30....Need some sort of detox.

Trying to do better...

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