Thursday, January 21, 2016

Feeling Better... Ready for Battle

First - I found my FITBIT! I don't know why wearing it makes me feel "dressed" but it does,  and even though I didn't hit my step goal yesterday, I'm so happy to have it back.

I met with my therapist sorted through some stuff (with accompanying tears) and after a decent night's sleep I feel much better. My teen is in one of the best treatment programs in the country - and while I expect no miracles - I still hope. I really just love her so much and hate to see her distressed.

The school will probably fight us on everything and I'm ready to do whatever it takes.

I'm still struggling with my diet; still "allowing" foods I don't want to be eating and I hope to figure that out and get back on track. My new book is supposed to come today!

The little one is away for the weekend, so the house will be empty except for me and DH... I'm pretty angry with him - our relationship sucks. As my therapist says "he's the elephant in the room". Yes, we need some serious couples therapy, and unfortunately my plate is full right now. I just can't add one more thing. I hope I can manage civility.

I'm aiming for a spin class Saturday morning and perhaps BP Sunday. Motivation is ZERO, but I have to do something!

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fitteratfortyish said...

Hope you had a good weekend and avoided getting hammered with snow. I'm eager to hear about how you like Ludwig's book, I've seen very impressive recommendations. Take care! And take heart about your teen. Having her in the care of a top program has to help a lot, even if it doesn't always feel apparent.