Friday, February 05, 2016

Focusing on Macros

I've been trying to focus on ratios this week with my eating - following the Dr. Ludwig plan of 50% Fat, 25% Protein, 25% Carbohydrates... I've recognized challenges - getting the fat without carbs, getting enough protein in relationship to the fat... I now understand why Dr. Ludwig includes so many rich sauces and creams in his recipes... I feel like I've eaten too much - the calories and the negative messages from My Fitness Pal of what I will weigh in 5 weeks if I keep this up is definitely freaking me out. I'll continue to tweak it - figure out what I need to eat to make the numbers and try to do it in a way that will leave me satisfied.

I'm going to trust the process. Add exercise which I've totally blown off this week, and make this work... I believe the science.


fitteratfortyish said...

You've hit on one of the very worst aspects of MFP, it's constant barking at you to follow the conventional wisdom. It seems to be that very same "wisdom" though that's made our culture much fatter and sicker than it's ever been. I think his ratios are a great start, though I eat even more fat (and less carb) than that.

Lynne said...

More fat? I was thinking more protein... I have to figure out a "regular menu" - one that I can just eat and not have to calculate every morsel. I know I am NO GOOD at winging it!

fitteratfortyish said...

Yah, calculating it all can't go on for ever. Humans never did this before and somehow never (or at least rarely) got fat. But you will get used to some regular options before you know it.

If you're thinking more protein... try it. It's hard to overeat that! But, too, expect your fat macro may also go up since protein usually travels with fat. How'd your week go?