Monday, February 01, 2016

Sunday Slug and Starting Fresh

Yesterday was almost a total bust. I did do some laundry and bought some groceries. I did not prep food for the week (although I have things I can make). I didn't clean out my drawers or cabinets, or hit the teen's closet. I didn't eat well. I didn't exercise or meditate. I didn't even go for a walk. Instead I watched a lot of TV and went to bed at 8. The end.

Today feels like spring. I walked the dog with my neighbor, ate a good breakfast and made it to work on time. It will be unseasonably warm this week and I hope to take full advantage.

Dr. Ludwig's plan for phase 1:  50% Fat, 25% Carbs, 25% Protein. No rice, grains, tropical fruit, alcohol or sugar in any form.

In addition to food, you are supposed to add an evening, after dinner walk or as he calls it a passeggiata, to aid digestion, dampen post meal surge of insulin, and stimulate metabolism. It's NOT exercise.

You need to plan a good night's sleep and add 5 minutes of reflection or quiet meditation (something I've been trying  not doing, but really need to add...).

The Always Hungry book has a lot of the "hows and whys" this works, but the diet is pretty close to how I've eaten over the last 3 years (minus the cookies, ice cream and muffins that have crept in over the last few weeks.)

I'll track my food and other tools in MFP and spend the week focusing on ratios, getting my steps in and meditating.

It should be another stress-inducing week with the teen, so I vow to take care of myself and not let it overwhelm me. I want this to be a week to start fresh on all fronts.

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