Friday, February 19, 2016

The Best Thing

The best thing about my day yesterday was Serial. I am completely hooked on this podcast and I'm a little bummed that they moved to bi-weekly installments. I guess it's pretty sad that a radio show is the highlight of my day, but at least there's something bringing me happiness.

I've felt a little down this week. I didn't get my steps in; there was no "bump of peace or joy" from my time at Kripalu. I think the reality of life with teen is setting in. While I'm encouraged by the research that she will get better, I'm tired of the day to day living with her mood disorder, and I am discouraged by what I see as a lack of progress. She's had several 'emotion bursts' that have left me spent. Sigh.

The next four months will be difficult. The teen has to finish the school year with passing grades. She is more than capable. I have a set of limits and consequences and as WE enforce them it will get easier. Right now it is exhausting. NO is not a word my daughter takes lightly and there are too many times I've avoided saying it, creating many of the issues we have today. I'm saying it now.

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