Monday, February 22, 2016


This weekend had its ups and downs. I choose to focus on the UPS.
1. Saturday I ran with my sisters and actually ran... 5 miles, 2 walk breaks only; and followed it up with a 2 hour coffee talk.
2.In the afternoon, my younger daughter and I went to Boston, walked around Fanueil Hall, had lunch at the Union Oyster House, and explored the new Public Market. It was really relaxing and the weather was fantastic! I finished the day with nearly 21K steps!
3. Sunday the girls and I went to church, Target, made Sunday dinner and went for a hike at the lake. Some things with the teen, some with the DH, some without, no drama. Hit 10K steps.
4. My macros yesterday:  Carbs 24% / Protein 25% / Fat 51% (yay me!)

This week ahead has some stressors... The teen starts back to school after a month long hiatus. She is most assuredly anxious and I have to be a rock today so I can support her. We have the normal jam-packed schedule for the week... culminating with an out of state, 12 hour horse show Sunday - a very LONG DAY, and March is nearly upon us... that month without a break. We just have to soldier through and THINK SPRING!

I love that it's getting lighter early though I'm still feeling still slightly off... as if I could cry easily, and I'm really sick of being sad... I need to up the SELF care ... and I pray the cleaners can get to my house Wednesday... calling for ice/snow - meh. My house is a pit which could be part of the reason I feel so off...

I'm back to logging my food in MFP and focusing on PROTEIN and FAT... Anything I eat has to include protein, and I'll lay off the bananas... Ludwig says no tropical fruits - there's one left and then I'm done. My birthday is in April and I would like to remember 50 as finally being in a good place.

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