Tuesday, April 05, 2016

W5/D1 (Monday) Looking Ahead...


Macros: Fat 54% Protein 38% Carbs 18%
Calories: 1,267
Steps: 6,879

I'm psyched to be in week 5, but wish I had more to show for it. Part of me thinks I need to buy a scale; and part of me thinks I need some other kind of accountability. It's truly hard to measure results when my pants fit exactly as they did did 5 weeks ago and it's a little frustrating. Of course I can see that I haven't been particularly faithful to the program. I have strayed, and my carbs are still too high. It's a work in progress. I'll keep going and make adjustments. Eventually things will click - right? 

And I turn 50 in just 2 short weeks and I'm not where I had hoped to be... I don't want to continue to beat myself up about it. I want to be content to be ME - flaws and all. 

I have all the 50 things I have to do... I already have my invite from AARP and I'll have to schedule the dreaded colonoscopy. I have another thyroid check... Meh.

And this SNOW!  It put me into such a funk yesterday. I can hardly stand it!  

This weekend I'm going to a conference on Mental Illness. I'm going alone and staying overnight. Time for some R&R... 

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