Monday, April 04, 2016

W4/D5-7 In Review, Weekly averages... and SNOW to start the week!

Friday: Day 5
Macros: Fat 57% Protein 21% Carbs 25%
Calories: 1315
Steps: 10,979

Saturday: Day 6
Macros: Fat 61% Protein 22% Carbs 17%
Calories: 2422
Steps: 20,754

Sunday: Day 7
Macros: Fat 49% Protein 23% Carbs 28%
Calories: 1568
Steps: 9,483

The weekly averages are:

Averages 59.14% 21.71% 19.57% 1787.29 11706.29

Calories and Carbs are still too high. I would like the numbers to fall in the 15% range for carbs and  >1,500 for calories. This is my goal for the week. I worked on fitness last week - hit my steps most days and ran, played tennis and made it to spin one day. I'll make that a priority again this week. This Saturday I have an all day seminar so I'll have to get a workout at the hotel gym. Plan Plan Plan... 

AND SNOW... REALLY? I know it's April. I know it won't stick around, but I really wanted to enjoy my spring daffodils and tulips and they were looking pretty sad this morning in the sub-freezing cold and snow. Hmph... And so much for taking the bike out for a spin... 5 inches?! 


Siobhan said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lynne. I love to find new people to follow.

Snow in April ... blech. I'm happy to be gone from that.

I'd love to be able to post that I'm getting 10,000 steps consistently and 20,000 at times ... WTG. I'm hoping once I get this weight off that the tendonitis and fasciitis in my feet will go away and I can get back to higher step counts.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, snow!!! I do remember in NJ often getting a snowfall in early April. Major bumemr! hope it melts soon.