Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 8 / MONDAY...

I can't say I was hungry at all yesterday... I'm in detox mode - trying to shed the bloat from an all-out weekend of food and drink.

Macros: Fat 48% Protein 21% Carbs 31%
Calories: 1,493
Steps: 10,166

I was trying to be mindful and I knew eating watermelon would wreck my numbers, but it was good; and it wasn't candy or bread or ??? I'll continue to work on getting percentages back in line this week. They aren't horrible, but I can't imagine that I'm anywhere near ketosis... 

The DH left this morning and won't be back til Friday night. It's a nice little break and an opportunity to truly eat on plan, get the crap out of the house, and the kids back on track. The coke, chips and Hershey's chocolate syrup are heading for the trash. The cleaners come tomorrow - yeah! and the teen is working 2 nights this week so I don't have to fret about where she'll be, what she'll be doing and with whom...I have an opportunity to prep food/meals and enjoy a little peace and quiet.

The little one wants to get to the gym today - good - and there's no excuse since it's pouring buckets! Here's to a great week!! 

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